InstantCube demonstrates how to autogenerate SSAS cubes and the underlying relational database using a simple XML language for describing the cubes and dimensions. Works with SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services / Database Engine.

Download and install InstantCube. Write your cube definitions. Check your definitions by clicking Build -> Parse. Deploy your solution by clicking Build -> Deploy SQL and Build -> Deploy SSAS. Sample is included with comments.

  • Need SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition or higher installed.
  • Need .NET Framework 4.0

Application screenshot

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Resulting cube

Resulting SQL Database

  • Problems processing your cubes? Make sure SSAS Service has read access to your SQL Database and that you have enabled TCP/IP connections to SQL Server Database Engine. You may want to check the "Automatically grant permission..." checkbox in the Settings dialog.
  • If you add or change names of cubes, you may run into problems with foreign keys when you redeploy. Click Build -> Drop SQL Database to recreate database.

Feel free to contact the author, Johan Åhlén, at

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